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Toyota CH-R Upgraded with Front 4 Pot

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Bro John recently acquired his Toyota CH-R and was looking to upgrade it's braking performance and at the same to give his ride a sportier look.

He was looking around to upgrade front 6 pot with 355mm rotor on his 18" rims but was not able to get a firm conclusion from any suppliers or providers on the actual measurement in which his rims can clear.

He approached our team and an onsite measurement was conducted upon special request.

Our team concluded that his rim was only able to clear 4 pot with 330mm rotor size due to his rim's smaller inner diameter.

Bro John was disappointed as he was worried that a 4 pot might not look as good as a 6 pot on his ride.

Finally when the F50 4 pot with 330mm rotor was installed on his ride, he was very satisfied with the end result.

He was glad and thankful that E2 Brakes had conducted the measurement as the F50 with 330mm fits just nicely on this 18" rims.

At E2 Brakes, our team is glad that our client bro John is very happy with his new upgrade making his CH-R truly stands out from the crowd.

Bro John Quote "No Car Should Go Without Big Brake Kit"

Thanks Bro John for your support and trust with E2 Brakes


1) Reconditioned & Customized Brembo F50 front 4 pot red caliper

2) Brand new 330mm slotted and cross-drilled rotor set

3) Brand new 400 degrees brake pads

4) Brand new CH-R brackets

5) Brand new stainless steel braided hose (SSBH)

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