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Supercar Maserati GT 4.2L V8 Checked-In E2 Brakes for Front 6 Pot Upgrade

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Bro Dion upgraded his Italian Maserati GT front existing 4 pot to our 6 pot customized caliper.

Existing setup comes with front 4 pot and rear 2 pot.

E2 team customized the 6 pot caliper to ensure that his new 6 pot would blend in flawlessly with his existing rear 2 pot.

Bro Dion’s Maserati GT now comes complete with a new setup of front 6 pot and rear 2 pot braking system to keep up with his Italian V8 monster engine.

Setup: 1) Reconditioned Brembo 18z front 6 pot black caliper 2) Brand new 380mm cross-drilled rotor with black bell hub 3) Brand new 400 degrees brake pads 4) Brand new customized Maserati GT brackets 5) Brand new stainless steel braided hose (SSBH)

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