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Mercedes-Benz A180 Upgraded with Front 4 Pot

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Bro Shahren went through several hurdles to get his ride upgraded as his previous rim was not able to clear a 4 pot caliper.

He eventually replaced his rims in order to get his brakes upgraded.

Our team could really felt his determination and passion in putting together the best for his beloved ride.

We are very glad that he is very happy with the outcome.

Bro Shahren, you truly deserved the end result 😊

Setup: 1) Reconditioned Brembo F50 front 4 pot silver caliper 2) Brand new 355mm option 7 with black bell hub 3) Brand new 400 degrees brake pads 4) Brand new A180 brackets 5) Brand new stainless steel braided hose (SSBH)

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