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BMW G20 upgraded front and rear with 6 pot and 4 pot + electronic park brake caliper

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Bro Jason from G20 group entrusted his beloved G20 with us to upgrade his front and rear brakes.

E2 Brakes Team assisted and revamped his ride with new 6 pot and 4 pot + electronic park brake.

Beautiful dual calipers on his rear wheels

Thanks bro Jason for your support!


1) Reconditioned Brembo 18z front 6 pot and F40 rear small 4 pot red hot caliper + electronic park brake caliper with black hub

2) Brand new 362mm front and 355mm rear slotted and cross drilled rotors

3) Brand new 400 degrees brake pads

4) Brand new stainless steel braided hose (SSBH)

5) Brand new customized bracket for G20

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